Welcome to my 2004 Elefantentreffen pages. They were originally intended to be a fairly simple album of photographs, preserving my memories of the event. But then I got all enthusiastic about some PHP code I wrote and, like Topsy, these pages grew and grew... still, I hope you enjoy browsing around here for a bit.

I've set up these pages to work best at 1024x768 or better. If you have a lower resolution than this, you've probably also got a slower-than-optimum machine all round and can't view my photos in comfort anyway. Go on, treat yourself, buy a monster PC - you know you want to!

There are a lot of pictures here, so allow time for them to download. It's always a compromise between keeping images small enough to download quickly but big enough to be viewable. I've probably erred on the side of "too big".

William Parker
28 February 2004




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