I cannot claim this to be much of a history. But maybe, if and when I get more information, I'll maintain this particular page. The Elefantentreffen is a famous motorcycle rally that has been held in Bavaria since 1956. Regrettably, that's as old as I am. It's always been held in the depths of winter and is reckoned by some to be a bit of a Hard Man's Rally - which, to those of us who've been, is a bit of an exaggeration. Rumour has it that unemployed Wehrmacht motorcyclists started the rally as a bit of a reunion do after the Second World War. I've no idea if that is true but as rumours go, it's a pretty good one.

The venue has changed occasionally over the years - the 2004 venue was held in a valley next to the hamlet of Loh, near Solla and Thurmansbang in the Bayerischer Wald National Park - which I reckon is the classic location and is a contributing factor for my 2004 expedition.

There were strong rumours this year that the farmer who rented out the camp site was getting a bit greedy over rent and so the venue would have to change if costs were to be kept down. That'll be a shame if it's true.