These pages tell of my experience of the Elephant Rally 2004. Held in Germany at the end of January and beginning of February, 2004 (in a valley adjoining the hamlet of Loh, near Thurmansbang in the Bayerischer Wald national park, to be absolutely precise [OK, OK, if you want to be that precise, according to my GPS, the entrance to the site is at N48 48.136° E13 18.858°!]) - it is one of the most famous of the winter Rallies.

I've done my best to include as much information on the Rally itself as I have available to me, such as what I know of its history, but the definitive source of information for this has to be the web pages of the organisers, the Bundesverband der Motorradfahrer e.V. of Deutschland (the Federation of German Motocyclists). I've linked to their pages in my links page.

Other than preserving my own memories, all I can otherwise claim about my web pages is that they might be some sort of a supplement to the BVDM's pages. Much saluting and forelock-tugging and so on to them for having organised it for so long and continuing to do so, by the way.

A number of factors had to come together to make the trip possible for me: a (sensible) bike to ride; a (sensible) partner to travel with and a radical change of lifestyle to make the time available. Oh, and a complete and utter disregard for personal safety and comfort was also a useful asset. All this is covered in my prequel pages.

If you've never "done" the Elefant, then I hope you'll enjoy browsing here and may be you'll give it a go yourself sometime - if you do, then I'll consider I've done all I need to do to have been of benefit to mankind! :-)